Veved Ice: The Smoothest Vodka for Your Summer

Here at MyCityEveryday, we’re dedicated to bringing you the very best that our community has to offer. So when it came time for our launch party, just any old alcohol simply would not do.

With our generous friends at GI Group, Inc., we offered our guests a selection of cocktails featuring Veved Ice Vodka — an exclusive luxury brand that’s seeing explosive growth as more and more people get to taste its unparalleled smoothness.

This premium French vodka is created using only the finest grain. Then, forget normal charcoal filters: Veved Ice is filtered through diamond dust with a mild electrical current. It’s distilled five times, giving it an incredible smoothness that you’ll savor.

Guests at the party couldn’t stop raving about Veved Ice, and several local businesspeople are already jumping to get the brand in their bars and restaurants.

So keep an eye out for Veved Ice and give it a try when you’re given the opportunity: Your tastebuds will thank you!